Annual Awards Ceremony for 2017

The Civic Society Awards Ceremony for 2017 took place at the Town & County Hall on 25 October 2017 and was attended by award winners and a number of our members.


The awards sub-committee, under the chairmanship of Alan Silver, were delighted to have made, in addition to the main Awards, a number of awards under the categories of Mentions and Commendations.  This year there was also an Award for Craftsmanship.

Principal Awards

 Conservation Repairs and Redecoration of Armorial Panel at Chaplain’s Court, The Chanonry.  The owners of Chaplain’s Court have carried out a fair bit of work on their property over the years and all of it is to a very high standard.  The conservation work to the armorial panel is just another example of it.  The armorial panel is set in the building on the street elevation above where the front door would have been located.  The door has been moved, but the armorial panel remains, and it has been painstakingly restored.  This is a building in Aberdeen that is unusual, and it is refreshing to see things being done properly.  Undertaking this repair would not have been cheap, but ultimately it is worthwhile to do it properly.  It is a small, but very beautiful, addition to the street in Old Aberdeen.


 NuArt Aberdeen 2017.  The main part of the NuArt Festival took place between 14 and 16 April 2017 with talks, demonstrations and practical classes.  In addition, eleven well known street artists from around the world were invited to put up some of their work on a more permanent basis, and this is there to be explored.  The artwork tends to have been placed on walls, gables or other parts of buildings that were perhaps bland or un-interesting. Some of the art is funny, some of it is interesting, and some strange – the kind of thing that may just bring a smile to your face as you struggle through the streets of Aberdeen on a cold and blustery winter’s day.  The whole thing is very much of its time, and a lovely way to encourage us to explore and look at our built environment differently.


Award for Craftsmanship

The Replacement Leadwork on the Town House Tower


The Aberdeen Community Energy Hydro-Station - a novel, community run and organised venture on the River Don at Tillydrone

 Flats in The Netherkirkgate - a development above The City Bar at the back of Marks & Spencer.

Interior of the Tivoli Theatre - work done to bring the Tivoli back into use. 


Forbes Place Flats – a number of brick-faced, warehouse style buildings in Stoneywood.


The Spectra Lighting Festival  - An extravaganza of light in the middle of February.